Computer & Cell Phone Forensic Investigation & Recovery

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Digital Forensic Investigation

Defense, Criminal, Civil, Corporate, Family 

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Digital Forensic Imaging

Don't compromise your evidence

Chain of custody & preservation

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Data Recovery Services

Recovery of lost or deleted data

from cell phones & hard drives

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Expert Witness

Digital Forensic Expert Investigator

for consulting, testimony, analysis

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IT Forensics-News

  • Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums. Forensic acquisition of a secure boot enabled Fujitsu laptop – what is the best method? Forum members discuss why a Windows 7 MBR system may be unable to view a Windows 8 hard drive. Car camera forensics – where do car cameras store data, and how can it be accessed? Add your thoughts on the forum. Forum members explain how to recover internet...

Digital Forensic Investigation

Computer Forensics Lab & Digital Data Forensic Experts - Serving all States. 

Experts in Computer, Cell Phones, Digital & Data Forensics, we secure, image, analyze, recover, investigate and store digital evidence in; civil litigation, corporate matters, domestic disputes and criminal investigations. Ship your evidence to us. Remote services available. 

  • Hard Drives
  • Computers
  • Cell Phones
  • Servers
  • Raid drives
  • Mobile Devices
  • Laptops
  • Pen Drives
  • SIM Cards
  • Memory Cards
  • GPS Trackers
  • PDAs

 What Services Do We Provide? 

  • Digital computer forensics lab
  • Expert witness testimony  
  • Forensic data recovery
  • Chain of custody
  • Forensic imaging 
  • Computer & cell phone forensic investigations
  • Storage of digital evidence